A Majestic Expansion

The owners of the Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wis., are moving outside, announcing three exclusive booking deals in the city and Iowa.

Majestic Live is responsible for booking the 1,800-capacity Orpheum Theatre and its 350-capacity Orpheum Stage Door in Madison as well as the 400-capacity Gabe’s in Iowa City. Majestic Live’s Scott Leslie and Matt Gerding said they expect to work with the Orpheum’s owner to upgrade the backstage area and restore the stage this year.

“We could not be happier to announce these relationships that we have been long at work developing. We are confident that, much like with the Majestic, we can transform the Orpheum back into a world class venue, and position Iowa City as one of the best college markets in the country,” Majestic’s principals said.

Majestic Live can be reached at 608-255-0901.