A large-scale music festival is expected to soon return to Comstock, Neb., two years after the popular country music fest named after the city took a powder.

Bill Kann of LaFayette, Tenn., who owns Up The Creek Inc., is organizing the Comstock or Bust festival, scheduled for Aug. 20-22. The lineup has yet to be announced but Kann promises “country national and regional acts.”

Henry Nuxoll founded the country music events that took place at Comstock’s festival grounds in 2000 but ran into financial trouble in 2008. He pleaded guilty to writing bad checks to vendors and was ordered to serve four years’ probation and pay nearly $100,000 in restitution.

Kann says he’s always wanted to be in the festival business and sees this as his chance, noting that he drove the late Chris LeDoux’s bus to Comstock in 2004 and said the country singer loved the event.

“I loved Comstock, too. I’ve been a lot of places the last 40 years in the entertainment industry and there is no place like Comstock,” Kann said in a statement. “My personal friends Peter Frampton, my next door neighbors the Oak Ridge Boys, Ted Nugent all speak very highly of Comstock. Last week, I was out with Ted Nugent and he said he’ll be back to Comstock any time I ask.”

Extreme Bull Riding has given a verbal commitment to appear at the event, Kann said.