Tube Line Blamed As Matters Get Worse

Apart from making London Mayor Boris Johnson apoplectic with rage, the closures on the Jubilee underground line are being blamed for one of London’s biggest nightclubs being in a £3.2 million hole.

Johnson wrote in December what even by his own standards was a strongly worded letter to maintenance firm Tube Lines, complaining that the hold-ups are “unacceptable.” He demanded to know when the upgrading work would be finished.

For Matter, which is part of The O2 complex in the old Millennium Dome at Greenwich and is served by the Jubilee line, the apparent difficulties in reaching the venue are being blamed for losses posted in 2008 and 2009.

The club has closed while owners Keith Reilly and Cameron Leslie try to sort out a deal with its various creditors. They also own the Fabric club in Smithfield.

Fabric591, Matter’s parent company, is the guarantor to a £3.2 million loan taken out by the club, which last year had a trading loss of £191,000.

Staff at the 2,600-capacity club have been told it won’t reopen before fall. The O2 arena is served by the same Jubilee line station.