Another Mexico Concert Scrapped

Mexican singer Reyli Barba, formerly of the group Elefante, indefinitely postponed a May 23 benefit concert in Monterrey, Mexico, because of concerns about violence related to the country’s crackdown on drug gangs in the area.

Barba is one of several artists who have scrapped plans to perform in Mexico because of safety concerns. The benefit was to raise money to build a school in Chiapas. However, reports of gunfire in recent weeks made going through with the event too risky.

Gunshots heard at a May 2 concert near Monterrey reportedly caused a crowd stampede toward the exits. Five people died in the chaos.

An April Jenni Rivera concert in Tampico, Mexico, was shut down before it started when thousands made a mass exodus amid reports of a shooting.

Juan Gabriel and Ana Gabriel also canceled a scheduled April appearance at a fair in Michoacan after gunmen allegedly ambushed the state attorney general as she was leaving the event. Four people were killed and 10 were wounded in the attack.