LN Confirms Olympic Stadium Interest

If AEG wants to run the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 London Games, it’ll first need to fight off competition from the newly merged Live Nation Entertainment.

“It is true we have registered an interest in the ongoing success of various Olympic venues post-Games,” Paul Latham – LN’s London-based chief ops officer for international music – told Pollstar, confirming reports on BBC Radio.

“Our track record of venue management in this country is second to none, combined with the network of promoters and marketing partners that work with us, LNE are obvious potential partners,” he said.

The AEG bid to run the stadium is believed to have made in cahoots with West Ham United, which hopes to make it the home ground for its Premier League soccer matches.

The deadline for submitting a bid to run the 80,000-capacity building in northeast London was May 17.

The Olympic Park Legacy Company will spend a month sifting through the 100 or so submissions and may make a decision by the end of June.