Knight Carries Can For Gaga Fans

Manchester Evening News Arena was reluctant to comment on reports that Lady Gaga was unhappy about the way venue stewards treated her fans, apparently preferring to believe that least-said-soonest-mended was the best policy.

“There was clearly a misunderstanding. Anyone who had taken the trouble to dress up ‘a la Ga Ga’ with Coke cans woven into their hair was allowed in, but our normal policy of not allowing loose cans, bottles or objects which might cause injury was correctly adhered to on the doors,” explained MENA general manager John Knight.

“However, in the great spirit of social networking, if there was any confusion I am quite happy to carry the can on this one,” he said, apparently referring to comments Lady Gaga made on Twitter.

“Outraged… Staff at the MEN aren’t letting people into the arena with cans in their hair. So many sad Little Monsters,” her Twitter posting said.

When the tour was announced, Lady Gaga fans were reportedly furious that the ticket price doubled since her Monster Ball tour, although some who waited until the last minute were lucky enough to get a half-price ticket for the second night.

Having sold out a 13,000-capacity configuration June 2, the gregarious Gaga reportedly nearly sold out the second night as well.

“We had about 100 left on the day of the show and, as we’d paid for them, we sold them at half price just to get rid of them,” See Tickets chief Nick Blackburn told Pollstar. MENA was reportedly around 2,000 short of selling out on the second night.