Community Groups Fear London Glastonbury

Park lovers and nature groups in the London borough of Southwark are up in arms because they fear the local Burgess Park may soon be hosting festivals the size of Glastonbury.

Donnachadh McCarthy, who is leading Burgess Park Action Group’s campaign against the £23 million plans, says most local people don’t want a “destination park.”

Southwark council won £6 million of funding from London City Hall to revamp the park through a radical vision that involves levelling many areas and building “cultural hubs.”

The grounds are large enough to have a festival with a capacity of about 100,000.

“I think the word amphitheatre scares people. It’s not our intention to create another Glastonbury,” said Rebecca Towers, Southwark council’s head of parks.

She said that the council was prepared to listen to people and “get the plans right” by “tweaking” them.