A Million Stars

More than 1.3 million have applied to audition for “Super Star K,” which is South Korea’s version of “American Idol.”

The show, broadcast on cable station Mnet, started last year, and this year’s total number of pop star wannabes was double what it was in 2009.

The show has the same format as its American counterpart, meaning that winners are chosen through a combination of viewer voting and in-studio judges. This year, the show is expanding its reach to Los Angeles, where producers will fly at the end of June to audition applicants at the CGV Theater in Koreatown.

Auditions are open to all ages and nationalities as long as the applicant can sing songs in Korean. Qualifiers for the first round go on to the second audition June 27. The show itself will start July 23.

Last year’s winner was Seo In-gook, a 22-year-old music major. He won 100 million won ($80,000) and a recording contract. He eventually signed with Jellyfish Entertainment and released his first album in May.