Gaga/Lambert Concert Scam Refunds

One of two West Virginia men who allegedly ripped off Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert fans by selling tickets to an April 24 concert that never happened could be legally off the hook if full restitution is made.

Sherman Luther “Luke” Loy and Dean DeSana of Martinsburg were charged in May with a felony count of obtaining money under false pretenses.

Loy’s attorney, Michael Santa Barbara, told the judge July 14 that $14,893 in refunds would be given out to 29 people who bought tickets for the event the two men claimed would take place at Sam Michaels Park.

The prosecution reportedly agreed to drop the charges providing the checks clear.

Loy, a hair salon owner, originally told the local paper the concert was part of a launch party for his hair care line, Leias, and DeSana was the promoter.

Tickets were priced between $100-$200 with VIP passes available for an extra $125 in exchange for an alleged invite to an after-party including Lady Gaga.

However, the alleged plan began to unravel in March when some ticketholders complained to police that ducats purchased at Loy’s hair salon were not mailed as promised.

Then reps for Gaga and Lambert sent cease-and-desist letters to the would-be promoters to stop using their clients’ names or face legal consequences.