Police pulled over the rapper/actor’s 2009 Cadillac near West 40th Street and 11th Avenue Tuesday because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. A check was run and NYPD said they found Ice-T’s license was suspended. He was arrested, given a ticket and then released.

Here’s what Ice-T had to say about the matter:

“Some punk bitch rookie cop named Fisher #10026 Made the arrest of his bulls**t career today. Arresting the Notorious Ice T for no seatbelt.”

The rapper noted that after calling the police officer a “punk bitch,” the cop told him, “I know who you are and I don’t give a f**k.”

A fellow Twitter user asked Ice-T whether or not his license was suspended and he replied, “NO. That’s some bulls**t they made up. Lie.”

Ice-T clarified in another tweet that his driver’s license wasn’t suspended because he doesn’t have a license in that state.

“And for the record my license is not suspended. I don’t and never had a NYC license. I have a valid NJ license. It was all bulls**t.”

The rapper also questioned the media’s response to his arrest, tweeting, “Honestly, The fact that it made national news in 10min. Raises the question… How petty is our news today? What about the War and the Gulf?”

Makes you wonder what he thinks about the fact that his tweets are now being reported?

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