The Red Rocks Guitar

Over the years countless guitarists have entertained music lovers at Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre. So it’s only fitting that someone come up with a guitar that has a direct connection to the picturesque Colorado venue.

Specifically, a guitar made out of old Red Rocks benches.

Made by Brent Worthington in his garage, the guitar consists of wood from benches that made up Red Rocks’ first row for more than 50 years, according to Denver TV station KUSA and its 9News.

Worthington told the TV station that it was his wife’s idea to make the guitar. The couple were browsing the local paper one morning when they spotted an item about some old benches from Red Rocks being sold, prompting Worthington’s wife asking him if a guitar could be made from the wood.

Worthington said the wood used for the guitar produces “a deep, wonderful sound.” He also couldn’t help but wonder if some of the venue’s rich musical history might have rubbed off onto the benches and now inhabits his newly crafted axe.

“From the Beatles forward, every guitar player who has been anybody and some who haven’t been anybody have played in front of theses benches,” Worthington told 9News. “You have to think on some cosmic level it just sucked up all that music, all that mojo. It’s their turn now, people have been sitting on them for the last 50 years and now it is their time to shine.”

Photo: Brent Worthington

And there will somewhat of a homecoming for the instrument. Local musician Taylor Marvin got the first guitar made from the benches and will perform at Red Rocks July 27 for the venue’s “Film At The Rocks” evening.

Meanwhile, you can expect more Red Rocks guitars. Worthington estimates he bought enough wood to construct anywhere between 75 to 100 guitars.

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