Fewer Problems At Latest Rave

More than 20 people were arrested and 15 hospitalized for non-life-threatening issues during a recent rave festival in San Bernardino, Calif.

Most arrests at the Audiotistic festival, which reportedly drew more than 25,000 concertgoers to the National Orange Show Events Center July 24, were on drug-related charges, according to local police.

“Although there were still some issues to report, the number of problems is an improvement over past events of this nature,” San Bernardino police Lt. Jarrod Burguan told the Press-Enterprise in a statement.

Audiotistic organizer Insomniac Events also promoted last month’s Electric Daisy Carnival at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where one teen died of a suspected drug overdose, numerous concertgoers suffered injuries and more than 100 were arrested.

Officials in Southern California have pushed for increasingly tight regulations on raves in several communities following the Electric Daisy incident and Insomniac instituted a new adults-only policy for its events in the backlash.

“Audiotistic 2010 proves that Insomniac Events knows how to produce a safe and secure music festival and that an 18-and-older policy can be implemented successfully,” Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella said in a statement.

Orange Show and Insomniac staff met with police prior to the concert and the promoter agreed to pay for police security at the event, the Press-Enterprise reported.

Police in San Bernardino are expected to review Audiotistic and make recommendations regarding future events in coming weeks.