‘Island Aid’ Beats Bonnie

The all-day concert “Island Aid” took place on Grand Isle, La., July 24 with rain, but not nearly the potential devastation that Tropical Storm Bonnie promised.

It was welcome respite for islanders, weary from the emotional battle with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The concert, staged on a large swath of beach ringed with palm trees, featured acts like LeAnn Rimes and Three Dog Night, and benefited civic projects on the island.

But Bonnie made her presence known. Heavy rain and frequent lightning interrupted the concert during the morning, clearing the stage and sending fans scrambling for tents.

“It scared me,” said a visitor from Jackson, Miss. “We got under a tent, but it was scary stuff.”

Although the event continued with intermittent rain, some concertgoers just wrapped up in plastic and kept dancing.

“On a day like this, a little rain feels very good,” one patron said.

Island leaders considered whether to cancel the concert July 23 but decided to go forward.

The concert took place in lieu of the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo which was canceled after the oil spill shut down local fishing waters.