McManus Stung Over Sting Cancellation

Australian concert promoter Andrew McManus is reportedly on the verge of suing the New South Wales government, which recently canceled a New Year’s Eve gig headlined by Sting it had organized.

The harbor-side concert in Sydney was to receive a $250,000 taxpayer subsidy but was canceled when a new NSW events minister took over in June.

Events minister Kevin Greene said he axed the concert because Sydney is already booked to capacity for New Year’s Eve, according to Sydney paper The Age.

McManus told the Sydney Morning Herald the cancellation will cost his company $1.8 million, saying he “lost [money] in profits and credibility.”

“Andrew feels he is in a winning position, and is buoyant about prospects,” a source told the paper.

It is thought the concert may move to Melbourne.

McManus did not return Pollstar’s request for further comment.