Featuring Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass and “Lee Of The D,” Trainwreck mixes comedy with rock into an evening where anything can happen as the band ventures forth on its “Transcontinental Railroad” tour in support of its debut album, The Wreckoning, released earlier this year.

What kind of band is Trainwreck? At various times Gass has described the group as “Molly Hatchet meets Jethro Tull meets Runaways,” to “Scoobie Doo meets CSI.” At other times he’s been a bit more descriptive, calling the band “a cornucopia of rock and a five-headed hydra of pleasure.”

And you can partake in that five-headed hydra of pleasure beginning in Long Beach at Dipiazza Restaurant Sept. 4. Eleven days later Trainwreck shows up on the East Coast, playing Foxboro, Mass., at Showcase Live! Sept. 15; New York’s Mercury Lounge Sept. 16; Buffalo at Mohawk Place Sept. 17 and Albany at Jillian’s Sept. 18.

Other stops include Toledo, Minneapolis, Denver, Salt Lake City, Reno and Oakland before coming to the end of the tracks in Bakersfield for a gig at Fishlips Oct. 10.

“Prepare yourself,” Gass said. “Trainwreck is coming to your town. Lock up your daughters, don’t tell your mothers. It’s going to be a fandango.”

For more information on Trainwreck, including everything you wanted to know about members John Bartholomew Shredman, Boy Johnny and Dallas St. Bernard, click here for the band’s website.