Nelly Still Playing Branson

A Nelly concert scheduled Aug. 21 for the parking lot of the Grand Palace in Branson, Mo., has been relocated to the Mansion Theatre a few miles away following a court battle with local officials.

Paul Dunn, GM of Grand Palace and chief of KrisEmi-Odge Productions, had a plan to bring Branson into the 21st century. While the town is primarily known for bluegrass, gospel, country and comedy shows, Dunn had hoped to kick things up a notch by featuring Nelly outside the Grand Palace, which is scheduled to reopen this fall after a lengthy renovation.

City officials apparently didn’t agree. They denied the permit, telling the Springfield News-Leader the parking lot was “the wrong place for this event,” and raised concerns regarding parking, crowd control and noise.

After appealing to Branson’s Board of Alderman, Dunn took the case to circuit court, seeking a restraining order against the city to let Nelly play at the Palace, the News-Leader reported.

But when a judge ruled in the city’s favor, Dunn had to move on, and said the Mansion was “more than happy” to host the show.

“I’m very happy that the Mansion Theatre basically is going to partner with us and do this Nelly concert,” Dunn told the News-Leader.

He added that with the venue uncertainty, ticket sales had stagnated and he hoped that people would show support and “step up to the plate and help bring top performers here.”