Syracuse Series Scratched

The last of a series of summer concerts in Syracuse, N.Y., was canceled abruptly when a promoter failed to come up with the cash to pay Bret Michaels.

Michaels and his crew rolled into the city the morning of the Aug. 5 concert to discover the Regional Market show would not go on, WSYR-TV reported.

Tour manager Joey Stump told the station the situation was “very unusual” as the band arrived to find absolutely nothing.
“There’s no stage, no sound, no lights,” he said.

But according to promoter Mike Banks of Aloha Events, slow ticket sales forced him to cancel the concert last minute despite his best efforts to advertise the show.

“I never anticipated less than 1,000 tickets would be sold online for a superstar like Bret Michaels,” he told WSYR. “A lot of the money which was set aside for deposits was used up due to lower attendance than anticipated.”

Michaels wasn’t the only one surprised by the cancellation.

Regional Market manager Geno Elemos reportedly didn’t find out that Michaels’ show and Aug. 19 Loverboy concert had been canceled until he saw the news report.

“Still this guy has not said anything to Regional Market about it being canceled,” he said. He also said an Aug. 12 concert with Asia was canceled and told Banks the venue would not be working with him in the future.

While Michaels did his best to appease the crowd that had gathered in the Regional Market parking lot by signing autographs and taking pictures, he told the city’s Post-Standard that he planned to make the cancellation up to fans without Banks’ help.

“I will come back here and four-wall a show on Nov. 26,” he said, adding that ticketholders should make sure to get their money back from the promoter as the tickets for the canceled show would not be honored in November.

At press time, Banks posted a statement on his website to “all ticketholders of Bret Michaels, ASIA and Loverboy Regional Market Block Party shows” that he and his advisers “are working towards a plan of solution for this situation. Please check back for details upon its finalization.”