Twitter Killed The Video Star?

Gabi Gregg recently won a contest to become MTV’s first “Twitter Jockey” Aug. 9. That sounds like fun – but Gregg also got a $100,000 annual salary to tweet about MTV in 140 characters or less.

That caught the attention of Hollywood mag The Wrap, which questioned the value – financially and aesthetically – of Gregg’s tweets from the first 24 hours of her job.

Her debut included plenty of thank yous to followers plus info like she needs a manicure and that her jewelry from “finale night” is from Finnemas.

Also, Gregg doesn’t have time for her haters.

“Gregg had at least one opportunity to actually do something useful for her followers but she completely dropped the ball,” The Wrap noted. “Two readers sent her Twitter messages asking if MTV is currently hiring. In both cases, Gregg responded to these readers with variations of ‘lol I have NO idea’ and a link to the MTV careers website. You’d think someone being paid $100,000 to be a link to the network and its audience would ask one of her superiors for the right answer rather than sending out an uninformed, giggly Tweet.”

Although it is MTV’s first foray into the Twitter DJ idea, the vacuousness does seem to be in line with the, um, Real World.