Business manager Tohme Tohme filed a claim saying he is entitled to at least $2.3 million from the estate. The filing also claimed he is entitled to a sizable percentage of revenue from the film “This Is It.”

The movie featured clips from Jackson’s rehearsals for a series of comeback concerts.

Tohme claims he negotiated the contract for the concerts and is entitled to 15 percent of the revenue from the movie, DVD sales and album.

Tohme’s attorneys argued in the filing that he and other creditors should have access to unredacted copies of a report filed last week by estate administrators regarding Jackson’s post-death finances.

The motion seeks access to revenue, expense and profit information that is not publicly available.

Jackson estate attorney Howard Weitzman had not seen the motion and said he could not immediately comment.

The estate’s filing included a summary of the business deals reached since Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009, at age 50. Columbia Pictures paid $60 million for the rights to “This Is It” in a three-way deal between the studio, Jackson’s estate and concert promoter AEG Live.

Many of the deals required approval by a Los Angeles judge, who has already sealed some of aspects of the agreement. The estate had argued certain details would harm future negotiations.

Tohme’s motion argues that if the detailed financial figures are not publicly released, they should be provided to creditors who have filed claims against Jackson’s estate. Some claims have been paid, although others by former Jackson associates have gone unpaid.

Some of the claims are currently the subject of lawsuits.

A hearing on sealing the records and Tohme’s motion is scheduled for Oct. 7.