WWE’s Political Ring

The WWE is putting the smackdown on what it calls “malicious and misleading attacks” against the company in connection with a U.S. Senate race in Connecticut.

Republican and former WWE CEO Linda McMahon is running for office in the state and things have apparently gotten a little ugly between her and her opponent, Richard Blumenthal.

Blumenthal’s camp has accused McMahon and the WWE of failing to pay benefits for wrestlers that were identified as independent contractors and writing clauses into contracts that removed liability from the WWE for wrestlers that were injured or killed.

The WWE hit back Oct. 20 with a statement on its website, announcing a “global initiative” to defend itself and urging fans to do the same.

“World Wrestling Entertainment will not be bullied or intimidated by whining allegations intended to censor our freedom of speech,” said WWE chair and CEO Vince McMahon. “WWE will fervently fight against any attempt to muzzle or trample its First Amendment rights.”

Democrats in the state have cried foul over the WWE initiative, claiming it shows “improper coordination” between McMahon’s campaign, which has spent more than $40 million thus far, and the company she formerly headed up.

Upon hearing of the WWE initiative, representatives for Blumenthal found the opportunity to take another jab.

“Perhaps Linda McMahon can use this new corporate campaign as an opportunity to explain to the people of Connecticut why she forces her wrestlers to sign death clauses and then refuses to acknowledge that she’s invoked them,” Blumenthal’s campaign manager said.