Lady Gaga Struck Out

The series of ongoing general strikes and demonstrations that have plagued the country for the last couple of months have temporarily shut down Lady Gaga’s Paris shows.

Her Monster Ball spectacular in Paris Bercy Oct. 22-23 was scrapped for what promoter Live Nation called “logistical difficulties.” The shows were rescheduled for Dec. 19-20.

France has been in the throes of civil upheaval since French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced he intends to bump up the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62. He also wants to raise the age that people can receive pension benefits from 65 to 67.

Many workers have gone on strike, including employees of France’s oil refineries, leading to fuel shortages throughout the country.
“Unfortunately, as there is no certainty that the trucks can make it to the Bercy for this weekend’s shows, the Lady Gaga performances are now postponed,” said a statement on the singer’s website.

Her fans have until mid-November to turn in tickets for a refund or swap them for a ticket for either of the winter dates.
Gaga’s tour is projected to pull in roughly $200 million when it winds down in April 2011.