Describing the medical problem as a “minor stroke,” Richard’s management issued a statement saying the stroke affected the artist’s left side along with some motor skills, but assured fans that Richard will soon be back on his feet.

“Thanks to some great healthcare providers I was wiggling my toes and doing some guitar picking within 24 hours,” Richard said. “There’s a lot of work ahead, but they all tell me that Zach will be back, 100 percent.”

Along with postponing a run of dates beginning Oct. 29 and covering Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Richard has been forced to cut back on promotional efforts for “Le Grand Gosier,” his double-sided single and video he produced to raise awareness of problems folks living on the Gulf Coast are facing after the BP oil spill.

Along with the single and video, Richard is one of three directors overseeing donor-advised fund Gulf Aid Acadiana. While issuing the statement announcing the stroke and date postponements, Richard managed to work in a shout-out for the organization.

“Don’t send flowers, it’s way too early for that,” Richard said. “But please lend a hand to Gulf Aid Acadiana if you can until I’m completely back in the saddle.”

Click here for the Gulf Aid Acadiana website and here for Zachary Richard’s web chateau.