T.I. Sued For Missing Concert

A concert promoter who planned a “Welcome Back Party” to celebrate rapper T.I.‘s release from jail is suing him for failing to show up. The rapper’s excuse for missing his own party? Being under house arrest.

Carl D. Davis filed the lawsuit in Alabama District Court, claiming he paid T.I.’s agents more than $50,000 to appear at the May concert, but the performer was a no-show.

Jervon Morgan allegedly represented himself to Davis as T.I.’s first cousin, liaison and agent, then introduced Davis to Jason Geter, the CEO of Grand Hustle, T.I.’s record label. Geter then allegedly presented the promoter with a written agreement requiring Davis to deposit $50,000 into a T.I. bank account.

Davis claims he was completely unaware of the rapper’s legal difficulties, including that he was on probation, three years of supervised released and under home confinement. Apparently, he was also unaware T.I. had done a local radio interview during which he said he wouldn’t be performing at the “Welcome Back Party” scheduled May 28.

Davis says he suffered chest pains, nausea, emotional distress and hospitalization after T.I, whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., didn’t show. He said the financial investment represented his life’s savings.

A judge in Atlanta on Oct. 27 ordered the Grammy-winning artist to report to federal prison in Arkansas by Nov. 1, where he is sentenced to 11 months for violating his supervised release on federal weapons charges.