Igloo’s Seat Sale

Pittsburgh’s iconic Igloo arena may have closed in August but fans can still get their hands on a piece of the old home of the NHL’s Penguins.

Pairs of refurbished seats from the former Mellon Arena went on sale to season-ticket holders Nov. 4 through AssetNation Inc., an online auction service. The sale is scheduled to open to the public Dec. 1.

“We had a lot of great memories and moments happen there, and we wanted to make sure fans could take them home beyond the demolition of the arena,” Penguins executive Travis Williams told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “These things have become hot items these days.”

As would be expected, the cost to score such hot items doesn’t come cheap. Pairs of the chairs run at $495 plus $120 for shipping.
AssetNation has also signed on to sell off other Penguins memorabilia from the arena in a separate auction.

Proceeds from the sales will reportedly go to the Sports & Exhibition Authority that owns the Igloo and the Penguins.

The SEA is expected to use part of the funds to help cover the cost of demolishing the arena, the Tribune-Review said.