Slipknot Bassist’s Grave Robbed

Various items left as gifts at Paul Gray’s grave have been stolen, resulting in the band issuing a public plea for their return.

Slipknot posted the news on its website earlier this week, saying the purloined gifts were statues of a gargoyle and Buddha.

“We ask that whoever did this please return the items no questions asked,” the band said in a statement. “If anyone has any information about the stolen items please let us know by posting in the comments.”

Founding Slipknot member Gray’s body was discovered at a Uniondale, Iowa, hotel in May. Although an initial autopsy didn’t answer questions regarding the bass player’s cause of death, complete autopsy results released in June blamed his sudden demise on an accidental overdose of morphine and fentanyl, a synthetic morphine substitute. The autopsy also reported Gray showed signs of significant heart disease.