The Roskilde Diet

The 75,000 fans at this year’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark tucked in to 150,000 burgers, 30,000 pizzas, and 15 tons of French fries.

Two surveys of audience eating habits carried out by consulting company Niras and Roskilde’s own trade section both found that festival-goers would have liked more vegetables with their meat dishes.

Although the list of the most popular food reads like a recipe for obesity, the Roskilde diet was at least balanced by the fact the crowd also got through 100,000 oranges, 7,000 nectarines, 2,000 watermelons, 4.7 tons of bananas, 2.6 tons of strawberries, and a ton of cherries.

Perhaps surprisingly for Roskilde, an event that directs many of its charitable ventures to developing countries, the surveys found the festival-goers weren’t really politically correct consumers. The majority of those surveyed didn’t attach great importance to the availability of fair trade or organic food.

Roskilde 2010 served 3 million meals in eight days.