Lashinsky Leaves Outback

Concert promotion is literally in Darin Lashinsky’s blood. And he’s paying homage to the company started by his late father Philip and uncle Gary by putting out his own shingle as National Shows 2 – or NS2.

Lashinsky has left his position as senior VP with Outback Concerts, where he spent the last 12 years, but remains in Nashville to start a full-service concert promotion company.

NS2 will buy, create, produce and promote events in venues including arenas, amphitheatres and performing arts centers. As CEO, Lashinsky will manage all aspects of the company, which will be able to promote individual shows up to full tours.

“National Shows is really and truly about the legacy of that company name,” Lashinsky told Pollstar. “The other side of the coin is that I’ve always said I can go anywhere and do a show. And now, being the owner of my own company, I truly can go anywhere I want to go, whether it’s Portland, Ore., or Portland, Maine. People I’ve worked with know that. My staff and I have the ability to promote anywhere.”

Joining Lashinsky in the new venture are production manager / talent buyer Brian Penix, marketing director Kendall Maffett and new media manager Craig Varian.

Frank Productions, another family operated promoter, is investing in the company though the two firms will be wholly separate, according to Lashinsky.

“They’re also a family business,” Lashinsky told Pollstar. “We have a great affinity for the way each other does business. It would certainly be a smart move to play to each other’s strengths, but the strategy is not to go out and partner on all our business. We’re clearly two separate companies.”

Yet it all comes back to the fact that this is a family business.

“I’m a third generation concert promoter,” Lashinsky explained. “My grandfather started out probably around 1940. … In the late 1960s, my father and uncle Gary launched National Shows. I was at concerts before I could remember being at concerts.”

And Lashinsky could have a fourth generation on his heels before he knows it, with a young son who’s already familiar with the stage.

“I love nothing more than, when I have a show in Nashville, to bring him to the Ryman Auditorium. And all those folks will tell you … he loves nothing more than running around back there.”

In the meantime, Lashinsky is doing his fair share of running, launching the new business and “getting my ducks in a row.” He expects to announce a new location soon, and get settled in to new digs.

After that, he expects to get down to business as usual. “My plan is to continue with the agents, managers and artists that I already work with,” Lashinsky said. There’s really no change in how I’m approaching things in terms of the business and the artists. I’m just now doing it for myself.”

Lashinsky can be reached at 615-804-5516 or by e-mail at [email protected].