A Shyning Example?

Shyne, the rapper who served almost nine years in New York prisons for opening fire in a nightclub in the company of Sean “Diddy” Combs and then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, has changed his name, moved to Jerusalem and taken up Orthodox Judaism.

He’s changed his legal name from Jamaal Barrow to Moses Levi and can often be found in Jerusalem with Eli Goldsmith, nephew of U.K. promoting legend Harvey Goldsmith, according to the New York Times. Eli Goldsmith used to run nightclubs in London before he, too, took up the faith.

A music comeback is in the works, Shyne told the paper. But he says his religious studies are a priority. He said he was already studying Judaism before the Dec. 1999 shooting incident that landed him in jail.

Three people were hurt in the incident and Combs was charged with gun possession but later cleared. Shyne, accused of firing into the crowd, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for assault, gun possession and reckless endangerment.

A jailhouse rabbi took him under his wing, and he became an observant Jew during his time in lockup, the paper said.

“I want to know the laws. I don’t want to know the leniencies,” Shyne told the Times. “I never look for the leniencies because of all the terrible things I’ve done in my life, all of the mistakes I’ve made.”