Lolla In Chile

Lollapalooza, which began life as a touring festival and evolved into a destination event, puts on its traveling shoes once again, designating Chile as its first non-North America host.

The first “Lollapalooza International” is set for April 2-3 at Santiago’s O’Higgins Park, a location festival founder Perry Farrell described as having “a gentle sloping grass viewing area with the Andes Mountains in the distance,” and that it has a disco capable of housing “up to 10,000 people” that is attached to an amusement park.

Perry also painted a picture where Lollapalooza will act as a “cultural exchange” with Chilean artists taking part in the Chicago festival.

To present the first “Lollapalooza International,” Perry and Lolla organizers William Morris Endeavor and C3 have partnered with Chile’s Lotus Producciones.

Farrell recently described how Lotus promoter Sebastian De La Barra fits into the Lollapalooza family.

“Local talent is essential to rounding out the experience of a Lollapalooza,” Farrell said. “Sebastian has strong opinions on who will be best. We cannot say who just yet. We are also looking to bring some of those artists out to Chicago for a musical foreign exchange.”