Meagher Sues Again Over Buckcherry

The former manager of Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd has sued The Agency Group and TKO President Andrew Goodfriend for $60 million in damages, claiming Goodfriend charged commissions for performances he neither negotiated nor booked on behalf of Todd’s solo career.

Todd Entertainment and former manager Todd Meagher filed the suit in Texas, alleging violations of the state Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act and charging “fraud, negligence, false representations, breach of fiduciary duty, unconscionability and breach of implied warranties.”

According to an attorney for Goodfriend, Meagher has had plenty of practice in court, having filed five other suits, none successful, making similar allegations on behalf of the now-bankrupt Todd Entertainment.

The current suit alleges that he formed the company with the then-unemployed singer in 2003 and retained TAG and Goodfriend as its responsible agent. The complaint claims that Goodfriend, who left TAG with the late Dave Kirby to form TKO and has since become the agency’s president, took credit for bookings that “simply fell into his lap” and failed to book others.

In the meantime, Meagher alleges, Todd “contrived” a dispute with Todd Entertainment and “abandoned his duties” before rejoining Buckcherry, signing with a new label, publisher and manager, and joining Goodfriend at TKO.

Meagher alleges the resulting litigation forced Todd Entertainment to file for bankruptcy protection and that Josh Todd has “instigated a phony action before the California Labor Commission to have the [company’s] operating agreement declared void.”

Neither Josh Todd nor TKO are named as parties to the suit, the sixth of such a filing after Meagher reportedly agreed not to refile as part of a previous dismissal.”

“This case reflects nothing more than Mr. Meagher’s continued litigiousness and willingness to make baseless allegations,” Goodfriend attorney Hilary Preston said in a statement. “This is now the sixth lawsuit filed by Mr. Meagher based on this same set of issues.

“Like each of the cases before it, this case is meritless. Andrew Goodfriend is a well-respected agent in the music industry, and we intend to vigorously defend against Mr. Meagher’s latest set of claims,” Preston said.

A representative for TAG said the agency had no comment.