Aretha Franklin Cancer Confirmed

Family and sources close to Aretha Franklin have reportedly confirmed the diva has cancer – possibly inoperable. Franklin, who had canceled all appearances, underwent surgery last week for an undisclosed illness.

At press time, Franklin’s publicist did not have comment from the legendary singer. However, several news outlets have been scrambling to confirm or deny a report from the National Enquirer that Franklin has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which has a very low survival rate. The Detroit News has “a source familiar with the situation” that confirmed the Enquirer report.

Those diagnosed have a reported 5 percent of living five years. The report comes after a statement the 68-year-old Queen of Soul had a surgery that was “highly successful.”

Pancreatic cancer is bleak: 85 percent of patients are not candidates for surgery and must undergo treatments that are not curative, according to the News. However, the paper noted Apple CEO Steve Jobs and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg are survivors. On the other hand, actors Michael Landon and Patrick Swayze have succumbed to the cancer and Franklin’s age is not conducive to recovery.

Friends and family have told Fox News Franklin is doing “OK.”