Ontario Targets Ticketmaster Resale

Ontario, Canada, officials reportedly passed a law Dec. 2 that would prevent Ticketmaster from selling and reselling the same tickets to a concert or sporting event.

Attorney General Chris Bentley told The Canadian Press the Ticket Speculation Act is the result of people complainting about trying to buy tickets the second they go on sale and are being redirected to secondary site TicketsNow with much higher prices.

However, in a statement Ticketmaster denied the allegation, telling the Press the company doesn’t shift tickets to its Canadian branch or allow TicketsNow access to primary market tickets.

“Ticketmaster invests heavily in consumer protection through the development of innovative technology and is a leader in purchaser information security, buyer guarantees, fraud protection and crackdowns on brokers purchasing en masse through online software robots,” the statement said.

Opposition party members disagree with Bentley, saying the decision isn’t going to stop ticket scalping, according to the paper.