Questions Remain In Chasen Case

Does the open-and-shut atmosphere surrounding the Ronni Chasen murder case feel a bit pat to you? You’re not the only one.

Although the Beverly Hills PD says the case is still open, the department also says a preliminary match has been made that links a gun used by a destitute criminal to kill himself to the gun used to kill publicist Chasen when she was returning home from a Hollywood party.  And that has the earmarks of a case that will soon be closed.

But journalist Allison Hope Weiner has a source inside the L.A. police department that isn’t on board with the official story.  How could a black man, on a bicycle, shoot someone in Beverly Hills around midnight and not be pulled over for questioning?  If it was a random robbery, why would he travel so far on his bicycle when he could rob someone in his neighborhood instead?  If he didn’t have any money, where did he train for his marksmanship? And, for someone who was considered mentally unstable, he had the fortitude to pick up his shell casings from the street before leaving the crime scene.

“After listening to the details of the press conference, one of my police sources familiar with the investigation questioned the credibility of the investigation and quipped, ‘If I’m murdered and you find my body in Beverly Hills, please drag my body to LAPD. Even if you have to leave a bloody trail,'” Weiner writes.

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