Doors Show Needs Refund

Jim Morrison may have been pardoned for a 1970 indecent exposure conviction but at least one person who was at the 1969 concert still wants a refund.

The conviction stemmed from a March 1, 1969, show at Miami’s Dinner Key Auditorium where Morrison was alleged to have shown the audience his crystal ship. Morrison was appealing the conviction when he died in Paris in 1971.

Jorge Casuso was there, but it wasn’t a fond memory, according to the Miami New Times. Casuso recalls how much he and his buddies looked forward to the show, learning all the lyrics and playing all the songs.

But according to Casuso it wasn’t exactly the pyrotechnic light show they were expecting. The three musical Doors members vamped for an “interminable” amount of time while the kids waited for their hero. Casuso says Morrison finally walked out on stage carrying a white lamb and a half-filled whiskey bottle.

They expected to finally hear a song but, instead, Morrison proceeded to “rant against the system and how ‘The Man’ was oppressing us.” That included some choice words against teachers and rebelling against parents “(two of whom had driven us in their station wagon and were watching from the back of the auditorium).”

Instead of a song, Casuso and his friends heard another vamp when “Morrison did something we couldn’t see” followed by the police taking him off the stage while the crowd started to climb onto it.

“Last thing we saw was Morrison standing on the balcony shirtless in his black leather pants with his white lamb and a couple of chicks,” Casuso writes in the New Times.

Four decades later Casuso still remembers the show as the worst concert he’s ever seen, with the misery factor compounded because he and his friends mowed lawns and saved up their allowances so they could see their musical heroes.

Casuso is pleading for Florida Gov. Crist to help him get his money back.