Roskilde Donates To Disadvantaged

Roskilde Festival is helping to battle the rise in Denmark’s poverty level by giving euro 215,000 to the country’s poor and homeless.

Northern Europe’s biggest festival frequently sends money to charities operating in Third World countries but is also backing a campaign that deliberately sharpens the focus on poverty in Denmark.

“There are poor people in Denmark and something should be done about it,” reads the campaign message.

“Poverty isn’t typical of a certain season, and it’s spreading in Denmark. It’s both unacceptable and inhumane that the Danish welfare society avoids the efforts needed by just beating about the bush. This is our wake-up call,” said Roskilde Festival Charity Society chairman Steen Jørgensen.

The money – close to 1.65 million Danish Kroner – will be split between seven charitable organisations.

The beneficiaries include En Varm Seng, a Danish version of Shelter, the Mødrehjælpens Julehjælp national council for single mothers and their children, and the Morgencafé for the homeless.