Minn. Reviews Ticket Restrictions

Minnesota lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow fans unrestricted resales and transfers of e-tickets to concerts and other events – to the chagrin of several sports teams, promoters and venues in the state.

A senate committee recently voted in favor of Sen. Chris Gerlach’s bill, which he claims will make it easier for consumers to give away or sell tickets when they can’t go to a show.

“That should be allowed and should not be aced out by restrictions,” he said. “The bill doesn’t eliminate e-tickets. It just says you can’t use that technology to restrict the transfer of a ticket.”

Some ticket companies and sports teams have policies in place that make consumers resell e-tix strictly through their sites at designated prices, despite the fact that the state legalized scalping years ago.

Opponents of the bill who spoke out at a recent hearing say the proposal hurts fans as artists like Bruce Springsteen could opt to skip touring in the state to ensure his tickets sell at face value.

The bill heads next to a judiciary and public safety committee and a House companion bill is in the works.