Chasen Tipster Gets $100K Reward

The tipster who led police to the alleged killer of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen is reportedly going to be rewarded with $100,000 from the Palm Springs Film Festival.

Chasen was allegedly shot to death by the down-and-out Harold Martin Smith, who lived in the run-down Harvey Apartment buildings several miles away from the scene of the crime but apparently traveled to and from the scene on a bicycle. The anonymous tipster lives in the same building as Smith did, according to police.

Smith shot himself when police approached him for questioning, and the gun he used was later matched to the bullets found at Chasen’s murder scene, according to police.

However, the film festival, which put up the reward, refrained from giving the money to the tipster because many of Chasen’s friends and those in the entertainment community questioned if Smith was the actual killer, or if he acted alone, according to The Wrap. As it is, festival chairman Harold Matzner will be paying the sum out of his own pocket because the festival is restrained by its nonprofit status, The Wrap said.

“We discussed the fact that even though with definitive proof and some video from security cameras, that all these people have strong beliefs that this guy was hired to do it,” Matzner told the webzine.

Police claim to have video footage that shows Smith in the vicinity and at the time of the shooting but have not released it to the public.

Witnesses told police that Smith bragged he was hired for $10,000 to kill Chasen. That detail has yet to be explained by police, The Wrap noted.