Fake Tickets Worth £2.5M Monthly

Con men are making £2.5 million per month by selling fake tickets to summer music festivals, according to secondary ticket retailer Viagogo.

The company found one in 50 festivalgoers was the victim of a scam in 2010, more than 67,000 in total. It estimates that this year the number will reach 100,000.

The survey found that the twinned V Festivals held in Chelmsford, Essex, and Weston Park, Staffs, are the main targets, followed by Glastonbury.

Viagogo research shows the value of the fake ticket market is worth about £30 million a year, with most of it made in the summer.

Official-looking websites have been set up that take victims’ credit card details, which are then cloned or used in identity frauds.

The other problems include tickets that never turn up or are found to be fake when buyers try to get into the event.