Test Of Live Music Bill Support

Liberal Democrat Lord Timothy Clement-Jones has begun discussions with the UK government regarding how much support it will give his Live Music Bill.

Baroness Rawlings recently told the House of Lords the coalition government would back his Private Members’ Bill, but there are certain caveats.

The government wants to be sure that deregulating venues with capacities of up to 200 won’t have any “unintended adverse consequences,” such as health and safety issues or upsetting local communities.

The government wants a review of the situation, but Lib Dem policy adviser Tom Kiehl says Lord Clement-Jones is keen to begin discussions on what form it will take and when it’s likely to happen.

“We want to find out what changes the government wants to make and whether we can or want to incorporate them,” Kiehl explained.

Until the review is complete it’s not possible to schedule the “committee stage” of the bill, when amendments are tabled.

If it passes through the committee stage it will go to a third reading before moving to the House Of Commons, where it will have to be tabled by an MP.