Ticketpro’s Social Networking

Ticketpro says it will be the first European ticket company to use social media to inform fans about seat availability and promote price changes.

Serge Grimaux’s Prague-based company partners with Digonex Technologies, which on March 23 announced its Sports and Entertainment Analytical Ticketing System (SEATS) will include social media functionality.

SEATS is a patented dynamic pricing system that optimizes ticket prices to capture maximum revenue over the full lifecycle of each and every ticket.

Indianapolis-based Digonex, which specialises on developing automated and optimized pricing platforms for e-commerce, says adding a share feature and other functions to the SEATS Price Delivery Portal will give clients the option to immediately let fans know about price changes and other deals available on tickets.

“We’ve helped several franchises across a variety of sports accurately price their tickets and now we will be able to help them efficiently market those prices through outlets like Facebook and Twitter,” explained Digonex chief exec Jan Eglen.

Its partnership with Digonex means that Ticketpro, which now has operations in 16 countries on four continents, will be the first European service with this new social media feature.

Grimaux believes Digonex’s SEATS system is proven to find the right price and the new feature will make it easier to find the potential buyers.

“Our mission as a ticketing company is more than just selling tickets; it is to fill empty seats,” he said. “Over 45 percent of the seats available for live events are empty. We know these advanced social network based features give more power to our clients to turn the fans quickly into what they truly are: the best promoters of the great and unique experience of attending a live event.”