One Movement Off For 2011

One Movement For Music Perth will take a break for 2011.

Organizers Chugg Entertainment, Sunset Events and Los Angeles-based A&R Worldwide are reviewing the Australian event’s format.

Launched in 2009, One Movement took the ambitious step of placing the city of Perth as the centre of the Asia-Pacific market.

Its conference and artist showcases drew names from all over the region, as well as North America and Europe.

The West Australian government’s marketing arm, Eventscorp, put $1.58 million into staging the event.

Its executive director David van Ooran said that while the conference and showcases “are achieving positives outcomes,” the three-day music festival “is incurring losses for the event organisers that cannot be sustained.”

Sunset Events’ David Chitty said that among the initial plans for the 2012 event was to drop the festival and find additional funding.

“We planned on some losses because this type of event takes a long time to get established,” he pointed out. “But the losses from the commercial side were greater than we planned.”