Chan Benefit Raises $3.2M

Movie star Jackie Chan reportedly spent $150,000 of his own money to stage a charity concert for Japan relief April 1 in Hong Kong.

The three-hour concert raised about $3.2 million (HK$25 million) and was attended by 10,000 people.

Though the main purpose of the show was to raise funds for teams of rescue workers still operating on the ground in the devastated areas, it also had the effect of bringing the disaster home to millions of Chinese on the mainland who may not have received information about the earthquake and tsunami through normal media outlets.

Among the people who performed at the concert were Hong Kong pop stars Andy Lau and Donnie Yen, Indonesian singer Sherina Munaf, Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo and Korean singer-songwriter Park Jin-young, Lionel Richie (via video), pop chanteuses Coco Lee and Prudence Liew, Korean girl group Wonder Girls, and Japanese singers Masao Sen and Masatoshi Nakamura, not to mention the Japanese idol collective AKB48.