Bieber’s egg bombardment took place Friday night during his concert at Sydney’s Acer Arena. According to various media reports, a total of six fine examples of hen fruit landed on the stage. However, trooper that he is, Bieber didn’t miss a step and continued performing despite the yolky distractions.

When you think of the logistics behind smuggling eggs into a major area as well as keeping them intact during transport, it’s clear the throwers thought this one out. However, did they buy tickets just so they could throw eggs at Bieber? Or did they just happen to have the tickets when someone suggested the night wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t have a few eggs to go along with the show?

But incoming eggs were just one of Bieber’s weekend problems. Apparently a Quantas flight attendant didn’t take too kindly to Bieber and his security guard leaving their seats while one of the company’s airliners was taxing from the terminal to the runway at the Sydney airport on Sunday.

Sky News reports that the plane’s cabin staff “had to order” Bieber and his guard to take their seats and that calling his behavior a “security risk,” a flight attendant told the pop star he had been “acting like a child” and “therefore would be treated like one.”

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