Britney Spears Subject Of Biographic Comic Book

Britney Spears is no stranger to music buyers and concert-goers. Now, her star power will be on display with web-slingers, shape shifters and superheroes.

The pop music star is the subject of a new one-shot comic book courtesy of Bluewater Productions Inc.’s ongoing “Fame” series that has seen it profile other celebrities, including Lady Gaga and actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, among others. The publisher has also done comic book bios of Sarah Palin, Hilary Rodham Clinton and President Barack Obama, and plans one about Donald Trump, too.

Photo: AP Photo/Bluewater Productions Inc.
In this comic book cover released by Bluewater Productions Inc., an issue of ‘Fame’ featuring singer Britney Spears, is shown.

The Spears comic will focus on her rise to stardom, her documented private life and her efforts to be understood, said Patrick McCray, who wrote the issue.

“She is far more complicated than most people realize. No matter what preconceptions you have about her, there will always be more layers and surprises,” he said in a statement. “Beyond the performer, there is a real human being there, struggling for a real life, struggling to connect with her art, and struggling to be understood.”

Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis said Spears’ life reflected the core of the company’s “Fame” line of biography titles has tried to achieve.

“She was created in the Internet Age to be put on a pedestal, but no one can stand the glaring lights of celebrity that intensely,” he said. “The title seeks to find the person within.”

The 32-page issue, illustrated by Ricardo Jaime, comes out Wednesday in comic book stores and online retailers.