Russell Brand Deported

Katy Perry says she brought her comedian husband Russell Brand along on her Asian Tour so she could show him Japan, which the singer said in a Tweet is “my favorite place.”

That may not be the case any more since Japanese immigration didn’t allow Brand into the country. In fact, they deported him.

Japan is extremely strict about foreigners who have prior convictions or who have served jail time, especially when it is connected to drug use.

Brand was once a heroin addict and, in fact, has used the experience extensively in his comedy routines.

Though Japanese immigration has not answered reporters’ queries about the deportation, saying that it is a “privacy concern,” certain artists, such as Ike Turner, have been denied work visas due to drug crime convictions, even if they’ve done their time.

Though Brand was not in Japan to work and therefore didn’t need a special visa, his profile as a former drug addict is well known.
In any case, Perry remained in Japan to fulfill her tour obligations. All four of her shows were sold out.