McGraw Takes Curb To Court

Tim McGraw has fired back at Curb Records over a recent lawsuit from the Nashville label.

The singer filed a suit of his own in Davidson County Chancery Court May 23, claiming Curb is attempting to lock him into a never-ending contract that he’s already completed.

“After a nearly 19-year relationship with Curb Records which has provided unprecedented success for both parties, Curb has taken actions that are harmful to Tim McGraw’s career,” McGraw spokeswoman Ambrosia Healy said in a statement. “It is with great regret that he responds with a countersuit, but the label has left him no other option.”

Curb claimed in its suit that McGraw failed to meet a longstanding agreement to provide a fifth and final album by a recent deadline. The company asked the judge overseeing the case to force the singer to stay with the label and turn in new material for a sixth album.

But McGraw’s countersuit raises similar charges against the label including breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing and intentional interference with business relationships.

Curb “has refused to pay certain advances, inclusive of recording funds, in accordance with the contract between the parties and is, unfairly and in bad faith, attempting to increase Mr. McGraw’s obligations under the contract,” the filing states.

“Additionally, through a tortured and demonstrably incorrect interpretation of clear contractual language, Curb has denied and is actively denying Mr. McGraw the opportunity to release new original recordings.”

McGraw is seeking a declaratory judgment against Curb, damages, costs and attorney’s fees.