Police Seek Alleged Scammer

Police in Boulder, Colo., are seeking an alleged con artist who claims to be a Jamaican concert promoter and has bilked some college students out of money mid-May.

The suspect, who reportedly calls himself “DJ Danny,” was described to police as a dark-skinned man, between 25 and 29 years old, with dread-locked hair who spoke with a Jamaican-sounding (possibly fake) accent. He allegedly claimed he was in town to promote a concert but didn’t have a local bank account.

He then reportedly convinced three University of Colorado students to cash checks worth hundreds of dollars for him against their own accounts with the promise he’d pay them back with VIP tickets to a concert. Those students are still waiting to be reimbursed, police told KMGH-TV.

The suspect was driving a black, four-door sedan and may have had another man with him, police said.