An ongoing case of laryngitis is the villain in this story. The trouble started last week when the illness resulted in Adele postponing her May 26 Minneapolis gig. While Adele did make her May 28 show at Denver’s Ogden Theatre, she ended up postponing her May 29 Salt Lake City appearance. By the time the holiday weekend had concluded, she had postponed concerts scheduled for Vancouver, Seattle and Portland.

Earlier this week Adele was planning to resume her tour in Berkeley, Calif., at the Greek Theatre June 4. But that was before she saw a doctor specializing in otolaryngology who advised her to rest for a few weeks.

“I’m really frustrated,” Adele said in a statement. “I was hoping with a week’s rest I’d be better to sing again straight away. However, there is absolutely nothing I can do but take the doctor’s advice and rest some more.”

Attempts are being made to reschedule the missed dates. For more information, visit