Lady Gaga: I’ll Tour All Over Asia

Lady Gaga says she is planning to tour throughout Asia, a day after giving a scintillating mini-concert that attracted some 40,000 people in the central Taiwanese city of Taichung.

Speaking to reporters from the gold lame throne-type chair she shared with her Chanel handbag at a Taipei hotel, she thanked Taiwanese fans for their support, saying her Taichung gig left her with “a special memory.”

Gaga has been pursued by throngs of Taiwanese reporters throughout her four-day stay and has rarely disappointed either the press or fans.

Photo: AP Photo
Holding a lantern gift as she attends a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

At Monday’s press conference, she sported a camellia display on her black and blonde two-tone hair, black, ultrahigh heels and tipless gloves revealing long claw-like nails.

She is scheduled to leave Taiwan on Tuesday.