Public Funds Propped Snoop Show

City officials in Halifax, Nova Scotia, aren’t the only ones in the province to dabble with public funds in the concert biz.

A federal economic development agency in the city of Sydney apparently helped out the promoter of a Snoop Dogg concert last summer with a $145,000 loan and $36,000 grant, according to The Coast.

But while Halifax was left in the lurch last year for more than $359,000 by a promoter after two concerts suffered slow ticket sales, it appears the city of Sydney fared a little better.

Promoter Captive Communications used the $36,000 grant to buy radio ads to advertise the Snoop show, the Coast reported, and the $145,000 was paid back the night of the show.

A representative for the economic agency told the paper that while the Snoop Dogg concert injected roughly $1 million into the local economy, no other major concerts have received financial assistance.